Something special is happening in Spain.

Earlier this year a group of likeminded winemakers, journalists and and other key industry figure met at Madrid’s Club Matador to sign a manifesto in defence of Spain’s terroir. They challenged the emphasis on ageing and winemaking techniques that defines the current Spanish appellation system, and called for changes that would reward vineyard-focused winemaking. It was a watershed moment and the beginning of a movement. 

Inspired by their work, seven UK-based importers have teamed up to bring an exceptional group of winemakers to London for a ground-breaking tasting. Some are young, up-and-coming growers and others are renowned established figures. What they have in common is a belief that great wine is made in the vineyard, and that site expression is more important than winemaking technique. They are committed to the health of their vineyards, and often champion indigenous varieties. Collectively they are responsible for the significant increase in quality Spanish wine has undergone in the last decades. Their wines are testament to the incredible viticultural diversity present in Spain - often undervalued and underrepresented in the UK. We believe that this tasting has the potential to change this. 


Join us to taste the fruits
of their labours on February 21st.


An initiative by Indigo Wine, Alliance Wine, Fields, Morris & Verdin,
Les Caves de Pyrene, New Generation Wines, Carte Blanche Wines and Dynamic Vines.